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Deji Plaza Xuzhou

Deji Plaza Xuzhou, China

Deji Plaza Xuzhou is located in the heart of the city’s Central Business District, Xuzhou, China. Designed to exceed the stringent environmental code of China Green Star's 2 star rating, the project totals 351,206 square meters (3,780,350 sq. ft.).  This mixed-use program includes twin 60- story, 259 meter (850 feet) tall towers with high-end residential condo space.  The podium is a luxury retail mall which also contains a large art gallery, IMAX cinemas, exhibition spaces and a variety of restaurants.

Referencing the city’s central green axis, the design is inspired by the Banyan Tree. A Banyan tree grows its roots around an existing tree and transforms it into a flourishing new tree which is appropriate since some of the remnants of the previous structural foundation design were repositioned.


This project was originally partially constructed and lay abandoned for years before the new developer purchased the property and required a redesign. The new design and massing is inspired by the organic forms of the Banyan root structures. The Podium massing twists as it rises and includes natural stone consisting of parametrically fixed rotated panels which allow the buildings mechanical systems to have proper airflow. The MEP louvers are mostly situated behind these panels with the airflow passing through the gaps created by the panel rotations.

The horizontal stone elements represent the strata of the soil from which these roots emerge.
At the podium rooftop, there are also elements inspired by nature such as leaf shaped skylights above each massive atrium, and glass egg shaped elevator enclosures at the larger exterior terraces.
The towers incorporate sunscreens which are reminiscent of fern-like vines and shade the operable windows allowing fresh air into the condo units.  
In the corners of each tower, there are organically shaped structural elements which weave their way upwards to the top crowns.  
These vine-like structural elements are visible at an urban scale and continue the podium’s motif vertically along the towers, creating a distinct landmark on the skyline.


The landscaped public spaces (designed by Ohtori Consultants Environmental Design Institute) change use & form within each pedestrian zone at the ground floor and multiple terraces on the podium rooftop.  

A variety of terraces at the podium rooftops provide open unobstructed views and are located at multiple levels.  Each is programmed with a unique function such as observation platforms, lifestyle, bars, gardens, and art galleries.

The main urban green space includes cultural promenades, water features, art walks, and a variety of gathering spaces.   The center of the site includes an underground connection to the main metro lines which converge at the central point of Xuzhou.



2024 German Design Award - Winner (Excellent Architecture - Conceptual Architecture)

2024 Muse Design Awards - Platinum Winner in 4 Categories in Architectural Design.

         (Mix Use Architectural Designs - Landmarks, Symbolic Structures - Retails, Shops, Department Stores &

          Mall - Conceptual) 

2023 Architizer A+ Award - Winner, Popular Choice (Unbuilt Masterplan)

2023 Architizer A+ Award - Finalist (Unbuilt Masterplan)

Current Status:  Under Construction

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