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LMA Design, LLC, Li Min Ching Associates, LLC Architects

Deji Plaza Phase 2, Nanjing, China

326 Meters (1,069.6 Feet)

Deji Plaza Phase 2, Nanjing, China

Deji Plaza Phase 2 is located in the center of the Xinjiekou Central Business District, Nanjing. Totaling 160,000 square meters (1,722,000 sq. ft.), LMA's mixed use project includes a 62-story, 326 meter  (1,069.6 feet) tall office, hotel & service apartment tower as well as a luxury retail mall.

The tower hotel will open in 2018 as the Ritz Carlton & Ritz Residences while the office portion is currently occupied.  The retail podium links to Phase 1 via a connection bridge that symbolically acts as a gateway to the entire development. 


Interiors (Retail):   Aedas

Current Status:     Completed

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